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2022: Track record

The year is coming to an end, time to add up numbers!

- 451,092 words translated

including 327 hours and 30 minutes of video (subtitling).

- 5000 words written (tourism content creation)

- 680 minutes of phone and face-to-face interpreting

- 364 minutes of video (MTPE subtitles)

- 54 hours of teaching

-7 hours of training

-294 hours spent leading tours

Main fields of work:


-cryptocurrency and metaverse

-business, including wine and food industry,

-marketing (blog content, websites, catalogs, etc),

-global institutions,


-media (films, series, documentaries),

-fashion and lifestyle,

-technical (medical and personal equipment, agricultural equipment),

-IT, software, hardware,

-import/export, logistics,


-song lyrics,

-sécurité sociale, internet,

-real estate.

Main projetcs:

IBM (inc. conference)

World Bank meetings

Fast Forward - The series

LiveWell - The blog

Life between War and Music - Documentary by Michael Magee

Andres Iniesta - Documentary

Discovering Islands - Reality TV

Tommee Tippee - Mayborn

World War II documentary

Universal Studio lyrics

Herschel Bags

Macro Mafia - Series

Servent of the People - The film

Domestika courses

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