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December 2021 to April 2022

Time flies! I haven't had time to update the list of projects.

So here are the new projects.


-EN>FR: Workplace health and safety

-EN>FR: Tommee Tippee (product descriptions, website updates, blog posts)

-EN>FR: Terms and conditions, legal

-EN>FR: company communications - ADESA

-EN>FR: Dole, winemakers and importers (marketing, advertisement, social media, communications)

-EN>FR: Canadian railway (client and partner communications)

-EN>FR: Kyndril (product)

-EN>FR: Logistics, import and export (communications, new website)


-EN>FR: Domestika IT and art classes

-EN>FR: TED talks

-EN/ES>FR: Spanish films (Netflix)

-EN/CHI>FR: Chinese abstract

Transcréation/marketing/copy writing

-EN>FR: Metalbird, marketing, website, communications

-EN>FR: training courses on mobile (website)


-EN>FR: Tommee Tippee (product descriptions, website updates, blog posts)


-EN-FR: meeting with diverse trades, sécurité sociale, internet provider, CAF

-EN-FR: meeting over the phone with accountant and business managers

-EN-FR: endocrinology, medical appointment


-English classes for


-Qualiopi certification and other partnerships for

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